About US


Otahi Marama, Mea Ho'okahi began as a small Hawaiian and Tahitian dance class for young children at Tribal Conneczion studio in 2013. Since then, OMMH has added classes for teens and adults, formed a competition team and a music team, and has showcased at multicultural events, talent shows, and festivals around the Central Valley. 

As OMMH, we believe in perpetuating the Hawaiian and Tahitian culture through the arts of dance, music, costume making, and story telling. As teachers, we believe that through the beauty and strength of Hula and Ori Tahiti (beyond the benefits of exercise), students of all ages and backgrounds can learn to treat other cultures and people with respect, practice responsibility, and physically express their emotions in a safe space. As a family, we believe in the power of fostering community, cooperation, love & ALOHA.